Monday, November 26, 2012

Thoughts of Spring by PattyB Scraps & a FREEBIE!!

Hi!  I have a new kit to tell you about.  Originally a part of this kit was a freebie I created for the Design Factor 2.  I have added greatly to that and now have a complete full size kit.
This full size (300dpi, papers 3600px x 3600px) quality checked scrapbooking kit contains 18 papers, 1 alpha and 34 elements
The elements consist of:
1 bling, 1 bookplate
2 bows, 1 butterfly
2 buttons, 6 flowers
2 foliage, 4 frames
1 lace, 3 leaves
3 ribbons, 1 string
1 swirl, 2 tags
3 trims and 1 wordart
You can find it in my store  HERE
It's on sale for 30% off right now!
Here's a couple of layouts that Christina with it, she's so talented!!

Here's a layout that I have done with Thoughts of Spring
I've made a FREEBIE!! cluster for you too!
You can download your freebie by clicking
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you enjoy your freebie!  Happy Scrapping!

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Way It Was Then by PattyB Scraps

This full size (300dpi, papers 3600px x 3600px) quality checked scrapbooking kit contains 16 papers and 36 elements
The elements consist of: 1 basket, 1 bling
1 bookplate, 2 buttons
1 clip, 1 flourish
8 flowers, 3 foliage
3 frames, 1 lace
3 ribbons, 5 wordart stars,
2 stitches, 1 string
2 tags and 1 trim
You can find it in my store 
Bianca created a wonderful layout with this kit

Isn't it beautiful!!!
And here are two done by Vanessa
Vanessa has created a FREEBIE!! cluster for you, using my kit
And you can download the FREEBIE!! by clicking
 And... I've got a new Facebook Fan Page exclusive FREEBIE!! too, you can find it  HERE
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look, and happy scrapping!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Match Me Sale at

In the Birthday Weekend of 17 & 18 November you are getting your money back during the Match Me Sale!

How does this work?

You shop in the stores from the designers listed here:

1. ApriltheScrapaholic
2. Pinks Poetic Scraps
3. Moody Designz
4. PattyB Scraps
5. Wilma4ever
6. Sugarbutt Designs
7. Memory Lane Creations
8. Creations by Rain
9. Brenda's Scrap Design
10. Designs by Stina
11. Tootypup Scraps
12. Stargazer Musings
13. Puddicat Creations
14. Lemur Designs

When you are finished shopping on the 17th and 18th, you check out like you normally do. When you made a purchase you got the order confirmation from the store.

All you have to do to get a coupon with the same amount of your purchase from one of these designers is forward your order confirmation to
Make sure you put in the subject line: MATCH ME with the name of the designer(s) in it.

So when you bought something from Puddicat, PattyB Scraps and Sugarbutt you forward the order confiramtion in the subject line like this: MATCH ME PUDDICAT , PATTYB SCRAPS & SUGARBUTT

A coupon with the same amount you spend from these designers will be send to you by the designers.

So you can shop 2 times for 1 price!

Have fun shopping!


Monday, November 12, 2012

GDS Designer Contest - Round 2 - FREEBIES!!

Hello and welcome!  I've got some good news :)  My submission for round 2 in the GDS Designer Contest is submitted!!  I am having so much fun with this contest!  Our mission this round was to use the theme:  Bucket Lists.  We were also to pull our colors from the provided photo, and this is it
So, this theme is so fun and I thought that I would do my personal bucket list items, and this is what I came up with
You can download this mini kit by going to the gallery where the links are all at for the contest, by clicking  HERE
And, of course I have a little teaser for you, yes another FREEBIE!!

You can download this little FREEBIE!! by clicking  HERE

I did a layout using both of these

and here's one from Christina

I had a lot of fun putting this layout together, but it was hard for me to choose the picture to use!  I have a bunch of pictures of my past quilting projects.  I love this wall hanging quilt so I finally decided that is was the one to use to show off the mini kits.

I hope you enjoy your freebies, don't forget to have a look around at GDS, you'll love what you see!   I would love it if you left me a comment while you're visiting the gallery!!   Thanks for stopping by, and happy scrapping!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Design Factor 2 - Challenge 4 - FREEBIE!!

I can't believe it's time for challenge 4 already!  For this challenge our guidelines are:  Our challenge is to think outside the box. Take a theme that has been done before and turn it upside down. For example, a Christmas theme, but set in a warm climate with sand instead of snow, or a winter-themed kit, but with bright spring or summer colors, or a camping theme set in the winter. The sky is the limit, but we want to see your creativity.  So this is what I came up with
I chose a spring theme, but my colors definately do not remind me of spring!! So that's my "turn" on the theme.

If you like my kit, you may download the FREEBIE!! by clicking  HERE
And... if you would like to check out the other designers' submissions, the link to the Design Factor 2 gallery is HERE (you need to be registered there to see it)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and happy scrapping!

Monday, November 5, 2012

GDS Designer Contest - CT Layouts - FREEBIE!!

Hi! And welcome, I'm back with some CT inspiration using the mini and the add-on that I made for the GDS Designer Contest, round 1.

Here's the mini

You can download this mini at the GDS Gallery,  HERE

And the Add-On

You can download this little Add-On by clicking  HERE

And now... from the very talented creative team, my wonder women

By Christina

By Gen

And, one that I did too
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like me mini and the little add-on!  I would love it if you stopped by the gallery at GDS and left me a comment!!  Have a wonderful day, happy scrapping!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

GDS Designer Contest - Round 1 - FREEBIE!!

Hi there!  I'm back with my teaser FREEBIE!! for you, and it matches the Happily Dreaming mini kit that I made for the GDS Designer Contest.  For the competition we were told to make a "teaser" to match our mini kits, and that we were limited to one to two papers, and two to three elements.  So, not unexpectedly... (LOL) I did the max that I could!
If you would like this little teaser, just click  HERE  to download.
The mini, it looks like this
Just click  HERE  to go to where you can download the mini kit made for the competition.
Thanks so much for stopping by, and happy scrapping!

GDS Designer Contest - Round 1

I have submitted by mini kit for round 1 of the GDS Designer Contest!! 
We were to use this color palette
I had so much fun making this mini kit!  If you like my mini, you can download it too.  You can get it by going to the gallery at, by clicking  HERE
I'll be back with some CT layouts with this fun kit, and a little teaser for you too, that I've made with this same color palette.  Thanks for stopping by, and happy scrapping!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

iNDSD Celebration - some super deals!

I've got some great items for the Build-A-Kit - Tuscan Dream, you can find them  HERE
See, great deals, and to thank you for being a customer, I've got a special coupon as well!
Just use coupon code:  pbs_3offof6  at checkout  and here's the link to my store.
We'll also be having Facebook Fan Exclusive Freebies!!!! on the Wilma4Ever fan page
just 'like' the page and the freebie is yours to download.  Check back frequently, as the freebie will be changed during the celebration time.

And stop by my Facebook Fan Page too!  I've got a new exclusive fan FREEBIE!! for you!
Have fun shopping!!!  Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping!